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The e-commerce.

search engine optimazation issue


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Hi all,


I have an probable issue, iam not sure. i need your advice.


when i try to analize my website using www.scrubtheweb.com for SEO.

I enter www.kayukayuhome.com, but this is what the result:


WARNING! The URL you entered was redirected to:






what should i do know about this redirectling issue?

any thoughts, comments?




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Your shop in located in the catalog directory (www.kayukayuhome.com/catalog/) but you submitted a URL to your root directory (www.kayukayuhome.com) so the browser had to be redirected to reach your shop. Redirects are not always SE friendly. If you don't want to use the redirect then you need to move your files up one directory so that they are in the root directory. You will also need to change your configure.php files to match this change. Do a search in the forums for removing shop/catalog and you should see pleanty of references to this.



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...you need to move your files up one directory so that they are in the root directory. You will also need to change your configure.php files to match this change.


no need for such activity. as long as you have access to .htaccess file, then set the DirectoryIndex to point to the proper file location(s).

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Your competitor kayukayu.com has a nice looking site and a number one position.


Fix the errors on your site first of all.


With a competing site like that above I wouldn't monkey with redirects and access files. Without moving files you could build a nice, simple index page. Don't put anything on it but kayu kayu in <h1> tags</h1> and your top three keywords.


Utilize those four words in a very brief description of the site contents making sure kayu kayu is 5 to 10 % of all text. Place a graphic on this page with each keyword embedded. Place an inviting link to your cart at the end.


Rearrange your <head>tags</head> like so.


<title>kayu kayu keywords keywords</title>





The coding of course is different from above but you get the idea.


You should be safe to resubmit your index page.


The catalog/index.php needs work. Move the welcome etc. stuff and get your main keywords working up there instead. If you size your screen res to 800x you can see where you can place the Welcome thing so it is still veiwable by 98% of your visitors regardless of their screen res. If you use the login box contrib you could reasonably get rid of the welcome.. log in...create account line all together.


It takes some thought but the My Account | Cart Contents | Checkout can be moved to a info box. This would leave a clear path to your main links and text. Unless you have modified your html the search engine will see:


1. Your Header Info

2. All the long list of stuff in your Column Left

3. Then your main text

4. Finally Column Right

5. Your Footer


Put all the non-important stuff over in column right or get rid of it. You don't really need your privacy/conditions stuff indexed however the Mango Wood Story may be of benefit. (I didn't read it)


Use <h1>tags around main keyword</h1>. Use <h2>tags</h2> and/or bold secondary keywords.


Personally I don't think it is a good idea to place the same keyword in everyone of those graphics in the header. You might consider an adjustment there.


You might also consider the printable catalog contrib. I think it is pretty cool because it generates a products page with links and descriptions and can be placed in the column left. (Functions as a site map useable and veiwable by all. No tricks.)


Go check out your competitors site, view their source, copy (discretely) what they've got working for them and work it into your site. Find a page analysis site (sorry can't think of a url right now but you'll find several through the search listed below) and use it to analyze your site and your competions site.


Find some forums that relate to your site, join them and post to threads that have your keywords and put your index.html link in your signature line.


Find some link partners at sites like yours but not competing with you and swap links (just be sure they have traffic dead sites won't help you much).


Search this forum for seo, google,search engine, PR, and such. You will find lots of good help in that area. There are several good seo folks that post here.


Good luck and remember...


If it was easy we would all be number one


Well that's my two cents

How do you know when you know what you want to do for the rest of your life?

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A couple more observations.


I love the color you picked for borders. I think it works well with your products.


None of your category links work. I'm getting 404 errors.


Change the color of your buttons to match your site. I know thats not seo but...


Also I think it would be really nice if you left a:


ecommerce engine powered by osCommerce


link at the bottom. After all the Team and contributors did do all the hard work. It's ok to give them some credit.

How do you know when you know what you want to do for the rest of your life?

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