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Credit Class

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First of all this forum is much better (in a different way) than the german forum.


Im looking for a sample of the credit class contribution. I dont want to install it in the shop before i have not seen it working.


Can anyone give me a link?




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first off the question "why would you want to do this?"


DO you use HTTPS?

Do you have your own SSL-Cert?

Do you have your own dedicated server?

Can you assure taht no one ever hacks into your server?

Can you assure that no third person reads your email while being send (you do use encryption for the order emails from your shop to your account?)?

In Short can you assure the users data are protected?


If any of the above had the answer NO then please consider using PayPal or Worldpay or Moneybookers or whatever ThirdParty Payment Processor seems able to provide the above required security. (If they fail and someone discloses user data from their machines its their fault, you can blaim them and users can charge them. If you fail you probably will have to retire from your current way of living, and spend your life paying back the damaged users charges etc.)


On the other Hand if you never said NO above you might easily use the credit card acceptance that comes preinstalled with the shop, but remember to protect the users credit card data as needed.


The module itself works fine and without any knwon bugs. The only problem that you face and have to be aware of is the security of the data against unwanted dirsclosure (wich covers all cases where it is not you who sees that data).






(btw. I am on the german forum too *grin*)

sometimes I change code before reading the comments, sometimes code doesn't even have comments, sometimes I rechange code after I read the code others wrote :-)

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