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I am trying to add the contribution module... add weight to product attribute...


After I install the files for this contribution I try to go into the product attribute area and add for example..


2.7 gallons of #115 Paint remover = $24.54 weight = 32.4 lbs.


for the next selection I choose 5 gallons add in the price difference + $20.46 + weight difference of 22.6 lbs.


I get an error message something like this...



1136 - Column count doesn't match value count at row 1


insert into products_attributes values ('', '8', '2', '3', '22.46', '+', '22.6')






Can someone please explain what I need to do to fix this ... I'm really in dire need to get this figured out so I can have this semi-uploaded for use by friday!!!



I'd appreciate any help!





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Can not help you with the contribution, but maybe this may help you get started.


make a file call anything you want with the ext. sql


Put this in the file:


insert into products_attributes values ('', '8', '2', '3', '22.46', '+', '22.6')


Put edit this by putting your product code in the first '' that is blank.


run this file on your on your phpMyadmin


Go to products_attributes value. Select SQL and run this file.

If you have more products_attributes you can add them to this file the same way.

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