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The e-commerce.

Very Basic Installation HELP !


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Probably will make a lot of you smile but i am a total in this Apache, Php and oscommerce but very eager to learn.


I have just downloaded EasyPhp1.7 which contains:

easyphp 1.7 : apache 1.3.27 - php 4.3.3 - mysql 4.0.15 - phpmyadmin 2.5.3


and I have also downloaded oscommerce.


Can anyone possibly tell me where do i go from here (the gentle way if possible) in order to get started?


I am told that i can have this Apache on my local machine without uploading to my ISP?


Which files to install? where? etc


MANY MANY THANKS for your help :(



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1. Install EasyPhp.


2. Start EasyPhp and MYSql.


3. Run phpmyAdmin and create a database in MYSQL named catalog.


4. Under the EazyPHP folder you'll see a "www" folder. Unzip OSCommerce into that www folder.


5. Launch your browser and go to http://localhost/catalog/install


This will start the OSCommerce installation.

I'd rather be flying!

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Ooops. One other thing. In step #3 you'll also need to create a user in MYSQL with access rights to the database you created. The OSC installation will need that user name and password later on.

I'd rather be flying!

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