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Install to Linux site from Windows - for dummies


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I'm sorry to sound like a newb but when it comes to linus I am clueless.


The company I work with has an Apatche ASP Linux hosted package with HTTPS / FTP and a million other bits I've never seen before.


I have to report to managment as to what they will need to do to set it up. Odds are they'll ask me to do it.


The question is simple: here I sit at a Windows 2K PC. The Host is Linux, my FTP is IE6 and I can download at fantastic fast speeds...


What now? I mean it seems like I need to download the Linux install of the software but do I then need to unzip here or upload and then...


Sorry could someone straighten me out here?


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You can FTP the files you have worked on in Windows to your server - at least I would assume you will do some development locally before getting it all online - that is how I do it anyhow.



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I am also working on windows and uploading to linux without issue

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