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The e-commerce.

Tables not forming correctly.


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i just checked your link and it loaded fine for me. Looks great! :D

Happy Coding!

Craig Garrison Sr

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Multi-Vendor Shipping

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i just checked your link and it loaded fine for me.  Looks great! :D

Hmmmmmm. Wonder why. What browsert are you using? Did you just load it, without refreshing? Well, I guess it WOULD be nice if it was something funny on my local machine...


Oh, PS: All the appropriate osCommerce copyright stuff will be on the final, not to worry, still a work in progress...

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I've looked over the code, all my tegs are good. Is there anything in the php code that would do this? All I did was add:


<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%">
   <td width="26" background="./images/custom_images/left_frame.gif">
  	 <img border="0" src="./images/custom_images/left_frame.gif" width="26" height="10"></td>
   <td align="center" width="100%">


right after the <!-- header_eof //--> and right before the <!-- body //-->, and...


   <td align="right" width="26" background="./images/custom_images/right_frame.gif">
  	 <img border="0" src="./images/custom_images/right_frame.gif" width="26" height="10">


right after the <!-- body_eof //--> and right before the <!-- footer //-->


All it does is box in the main body table inside another table that has the side graphics for the frame I put around it...

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