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I have downloaded the mebers only contribution, but i need a bit of help


The contibution says to place the following in the pages you want protecting:




if (!tep_session_is_registered('customer_id')) {


tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_LOGIN, '', 'SSL'));



I have done this with the prod_list page in languages/english/ and it works fine when i try to access an individual item.


The problem that im having is that the steps from the front page to that are not protected.


I.E (using default install set up for clarification)


Categories box on first page: if i click for instance : hardware---> i am then taken to the categories section with all the sub categories within it. I need this page protecting, but where is the PHP file to add the protection code.


form there if i click mice---> it takes me to all the different types of mice listed.Again, i need this page protecting but i cant find the file that it uses to generate the page.


from there if i click intellimouse explorer i get presented with the login page which is what i want. This is the prod_list code


Please can somebody tell me how to find the PHP files for the first 2 steps before we get the actual product itself




Luke Dolan

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Thanks for that, however if i add a password protection to index, will it not automatically require a login on the front page? i want people to be able to read about my company,and its T&C etc, just not view contents without regisration

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The catalogue areas are in index.php - so you need to look through index.php and put your if statement around the relevant code - NOT the whole index file.

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