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How do I make an image a hyperlink?


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It depends on where the image is. If you want to add an image, then you need to edit the index.php in /languages/english to add your html.


We added a graphic menu on our index page to compliment the Categories box. It is at www.justpillows.com.


Take a look.


If you are trying to do an image in the header or footer, you'll need to edit those file accordingly.


Hope that helps.

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The html code for making an image a link is:


<a href="your link here"><img src="your image path here" border=0></a>


If you want it to open in a new window, make it:


<a href="your link here" target=blank><img src="your image path here" border=0></a>

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In order to transport the session id on the URL (which is needed if people do not support cookies) you should use the in-house tep_href_link function:


echo '<a href="' . tep_href_link(DEFINED_FILENAME, '', 'NONSSL') . '"> .... </a>';


The DEFINED_FILENAME is something you should (or can) define in catalog/includes/filenames.php - or you could use the path and realname between single quotes: 'myfile.php'




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