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The e-commerce.

Oh I'm so confused....


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I have been happily using OSC for about two years now, and had no real issues despite moving servers twice.


Well, that is until now. When I first switched servers last week everything went ok...I had to tweak a few things to get it to work (not sure how I managed it..but EVERY payment and shipping module vanished....fixed that by putting in a clean configure.php file in the admin section). However, now orders are not showing in the administrative segment. I have checked and they are showing up in the database. Likewise the count goes up, and the email comes to me, but I cannot view the order in order to update it or print an invoice. :huh:


Could the "fresh" configure file be the issue? Any thoughts are greatly welcome...




Store file items...


webmaker's corner Shoppe Enhancement Controller 2.2 for MS2.

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Hey Kris,


What is this:


"webmaker's corner Shoppe Enhancement Controller 2.2 for MS2"


Just a thought but knid of a hassle.


You could:


backup your db

download your admin section

delte your admin section on your web

upload a fresh ms2 admin

see if it works.


It sounds like there may be a db query issue going on there and the fresh admin section should cure the problem. If it does you can compare the new admin to your original admin and find the problem.


If all fails you can always delete the new admin and upload your original to be back at square one.



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