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Hi, I am sorry for being so stupid, but I need help.


I need to know all about SSL. What it is, how it works, how to set it up and what it needs to work.


I am using a WAMP set up, I need to know how to do it with both WAMP and LAMP (more detail with the WAMP because I will be setting it up first using that, so I can get used to it. I don't know Linux very well but intend to)


I need someone to give me details. I am not an idiot, I just can't find simple instructions on what it is and how it works. Finding documentation on setting it up is harder to find!


Trust me I have looked and anything I find starts telling me stuff like I know what the heck they are talking about already!


I am no slouch when it comes to Windows computing, I have read some information on Linux, but Linux computing still glazes my eyes over.


Please, someone have pity on me.

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The only stupid question is the one that didn't get asked...


SSL- Secure Socket Layer is (I believe) a protocol. In simple terms SSL allows an encrypted communication line between two points and is established via negotiation similar to that done by two fax machines or your modem and the other modem when you go online via the phone line (that's the funny noise you hear). Anyway it is all done behind the curtain with smoke and mirrors.


You will see alot of instructions about Your server has to have this and that but nowadays pretty much all servers are capable of handing ssl communication.


As far as I understand the only difference (to the user) is that folks a have grown accustom to looking for https:// and the lock at the bottom right on their screen. With ssl you will not see these things however it is just as secure.


If you don't know about ssl much I figure you are not a programmer (neither am I) and I leave that tricky stuff to the folks, like the osc development team, that know what they are doing.


Just to show you are no dumby I don't know what you mean by WAMP and LAMP. I am guessing your talking windows and linux.


You might want to check out apache2triad ( paste that into your favorite SE). It is a complete web apache server for windows with php, mysql, ssl and a host of other goodies already precompiled and loaded into an exe file. It is as easy as Download, run the file, change the password, throw your sites into the htdocs directory and fire up your browser.


Good Luck,



How do you know when you know what you want to do for the rest of your life?

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WAMP= Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP.

LAMP= Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP.


...and thank-you for your help, but I am looking for a bit more information. So if anyone has anything more to add, I am all ears!

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I am sure there is someone out there that knows this stuff.


Please help me. I would read it myself if you can direct me to a sensible website that explains it to someone that doesn't speak like I know what they are already talking about.


Thanks again.

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