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Max'd out Manufacturers?


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I'm populating my store via easyPopulate and have run into a problem.


I have a Video and DVD store, so I've copied the "manufacturers" table and php code and used to to create "Distributors" "Producers" and "Series". I'm not using the manufacturer table and will soon remove it. But when I refer to "Producers" know that it is a copy of the "Manufacturers" function in OsCommerce.


Using EasyPopulate I've been uploading products into my store. Everything was running smoothly until I received this error during an upload of a txt file:


1062 - Duplicate entry '127' for key 1


INSERT INTO producers( producers_id, producers_name, producers_image, date_added, last_modified ) VALUES ( 128, 'Gill TV Enterprises', '', CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP )


I removed the Record that initiated the error, and tried to upload again. a few more records succeeded BUT I received the same error again:


I started examining the "Producers" table in phpMyAdmin and found that the:


Next Autoindex = 127


The table already HAS an ID for 127...


It should be reading 128


I looked at my "Distributors" and "Series" table and they have 73 and 64 records and have a Next Autoindex of 74 and 65 respectively.


So I'm assuming the "Producers" table has max'd out.. but at 127 records?!?!


I tried INSERTING a new record via phpMyAdmin but it produced the same error.


This seems very curious.


Please Advise!


Thanks Ahead of Time!





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