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Exact Image Size


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I need to make the images in the store be a very precise size (each one a different size) irrespective of the screen resolution. That is to say, for example, if the product is 3cmX6cm, I need to show it as 3x6 on screen at any resolution.


It would seem reasonable that I would need to test the end user screen res and resize each pic as it is displayed, but this sounds like hard work and I am not sure how to incorporate that into the code. Would it be best to incoporate the screen res check then do a if/else or a switch/case or am I barking up the wrong tree?


Can anyone provide me with some guidance please?





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When you go to your image settings, and completely clear one of the settings so it is blank (no zero, no dash, nothing) weather height or width, the other should be proportionate to the first. This works for everyone... except me... so give it a try, it should work for you. Simply make your width blank and make your height a specified amount.

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I can do that, and that works for me. The problem is that it is shown in it's original pixel size, the size on screen will then differ from resolution to resolution. So when I set it up on my machine 1024*768 it doesn't come out the same size as on a machine running 800*600 which is what I am trying to acheive.

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