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Need help


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Quali-tied Tackle Co


I screwed my home page up trying to put a weather map. I had the "blocks" open and was putting in the URL and I must have put it in the wrong place, and the page went blank and gave me the error that can be seen by going to the site.


My site is hosted through tackleunderground.com and the person who is hosting my site is unavailable because of some personal problems. I'm sitting with a web site and an error and no one to help me out. Is there anyone who can help? I need to be able to get back into my admin area and delete the block I must have put in wrong.


If I'm going in cycles, Please excuse me. I need help and am at my wits end.. :(

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This isn't the solution to your problem but it might help you track it down.


The error you are getting is because the pnbanners.php page is trying to call a class that you don't have availible to it. Make sure that what ever contribution you have installed that includes the page pnbanners.php is installed in full



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Thanks Sam,

I guess I'm just in a pickle, I have to get into my "admin" in order to delete what I did, or like you said I'm trying to put it in something that is unavailable.

Not a good spot to be in.. This has been going on for about 3 weeks and it has cost me some on-line business.


By the way Sam. I like your signature. :)

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