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ARGH!!! IE 6 error still!!!


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I keep getting a syntax error in IE 6 when I open myCreate Account page (catalog/create_account.php, line 116, character 28). The error message says "Done but with errors on page" when it's loaded.


I reinstalled the ORIGINAL catalog/create_account.php and still get the same error.


Not only that, the phone number STILL doesn't have an asterisk next to it because I removed it prior to re-uploading the original version - which should have reinstated the asterisk.


What is going on? :blink:


It still works but I don't like the ugly error message and would like to figure out how to get rid of it.


HELP ... ?!

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Yes!!! That did the trick!!!! Thank you very much!!! I changed the blank space to 1 and it removed the error message!!!


You are a genius!!!! Thank you for answering!!!! :)


*happy dance*

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