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Looking for a solution


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I have a client who wants me to customize her store. She has come to me with a question and hopefully someone has an answer.


When someone clicks on a product and it takes it to the product_info page and it displays a "combination product." How would add links to the bottom of the page if they only wanted to by the individual items.


Ex: Coat with Gloves on product_info page


At the bottom of the page it would have 2 seperate links: one for the gloves byt themseleves and one for the coat by itself.


Any ideas? I thought I saw a contribution once for this but I am not sure.



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I think that master products contribution can do this but best ask Matti aka Johnson on this one

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Yes - it can do this to a degree - the contribution does not yet have true bundling - a bundle may be entered as a product, but individual stock items cannot be added to a 'bundle'.


There is also a new bundling contribution released recently - I have not had time to evaluate this yet, but it may be a better solution ATM - it is designed to substract individual bundle items from stock.


I am working on a solution that will do both - it is not always required that individual bundle items be subtracted from stock (eg. pre-packaged kits)



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