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The e-commerce.

Adding OS Commerce To A Web Site


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I don't believe there is a program that will do this for you. Besides that would take all the fun out of it.


I feel there are some considerations to ponder before installing though. Such as:

1. how many products you have

2. do you want osc to match your site

3. how are you going to accept payment


If you have only a few products and don't care about the looks of the cart then by all means jsut install osc onto your site:




but you will have to place links on your buy now links pointing to osc they would look something similar to this:




If you have alot of products save yourself some time and just make the cart your site. With a few contributions loaded in the cart your osc site will be about 100 times more site than most out there.


It can be tricky to to change osc to look like your site but it can be done. You may want to take a look at the Basic Template System (commonly referred to as bts) in the contributions section. I don't use it myself but reading through the forum there seems to be many satisfied users.



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I just need something that is easy to use and can accept credit card or paypal payments.

Then you need to find an e-Commerce host that has some form of software installed and ready to use for you, plus has webdesigner templates to help you setup the look of the site. Moderatly priced solution.


Also you could hire a 3rd party consultant to do the install and setup for you, and maybe any customizations you may need. Most expensive solution.


Your other choice is to find a website that has OS Commerce as part of its CPanel tools that can be auto setup and installed for you. Just make sure you find out the version of the software before you signup with the host. Some people are The Exchange Project and calling it OS Commerce. Inexpensive solution.


Other than that if you will have to learn how to do it yourself, it has installation instructions and if you get stuck on a specific step you can ask for help in the OSC "Installation and Configuration Forum" forum. Least expensive solution.


Good Luck

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