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Using T-Pay ?


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Hello together,


is someone using the german T-Pay for payment?


I want to use it but i was unable to find a working module.


Can someone tell me, where to find this.


Thanks for your help



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The answer is in the german support forum, where you also asked but didn't use the search feature i guess.. ;-)


Download Link (you have to register to download): Download Link for T-Pay Payment Contrib






PS.: Maybe you could also answer your question in the german forum yourself, i'm too lazy to write another post there, and somebody else might run into the same problem and don't bother to check here or use the search feature too

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Thanks for your help.

Sorry, but i forgot to write that i downloaded this module you know a few weeks ago but i am unable to get this thing working correctly.

Maybe i am to stupid for that but i am unable to use the payments i configured in T-Pay (only Micro-Money works) and if i abort a payment, i am able to download the file i don?t have paid for at this time.


Are you using this module?

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Sorry a bit late but i`m busy relocating at the moment..


Sorry i don`t use this module so can`t help you, better ask in the forum where you can download the contrib. There are the programmers who should be able to help you.




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there seems to be a bug in coding of the contrib.


if($tpay_return_error == 0) {//none error code


must be


if($tpay_return_error_code == 0) {//none error code



after that my payment module works for now.


Only problem is the browser window handling. The T-Pay returns and I have 2 open browser windows with the same session now.


Any idea.





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