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customising problems


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really stuck here, im using the sts template system because i have little php knowledge.


I have uploaded a picture of the site im trying to customize at http://www.now-design.co.uk/custom.gif


you will notice a few ugly light green lines, i need to change this, its not the case of editting pixel_trans.gif, it causes more problems.


I have tried to explain what i wnat to do below:





on my uploaded image, where the big red 1 is, I want to be able to remove the light green lines running underneath it.

in which php file can i edit that pixel_trans.gif is chosen here? I want to make my own image (dark green)

and use that instead, this would get rid of the green lines.


in fact, i want to get rid of all the light green lines in the left hand column.


I can not edit pixel_trans.gif, because this would cause other problems, i simply need ot be able to add a dark image,

similar to pixel_trans.gid and specify it, where do i specify it?



Where the big red 2 is, again, it is using pixel_trans.gif, where can i change the img source for this? in which file?


where the big red 3 is, i need to change theback ground colour, so i believe i need to specify a new css class,

i know how to make a new css class, but i need to know how to add it to this section..




If anyone can help me out, i would be eternally greatful! ;)

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