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Amount Question


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I have the following problem:


When I have placed an order it shows the Amount as 3,205.86 EUR

Is there a way to change this to 320586EUR ,

So i need to get rid of the comma and point in the value.


Iam using the paypal pay module to send the info to another page on my website.


I hope someone is able to help me, thx allready B)

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You can get rid of the comma.


In the Admin tool, under Localization -> Currencies, there is the option to define the Thousands point when the prices are listed.


Setting it to a blank space should do that.


Sadly, it seems it won't let you get rid of the decimal point, even with a blank space it still displays the "." (at least after I just tried it did).


Hope that helps a little.

- osCommerce is fun! -
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I have solved my problem, I played with the php code in the paypal module and changed a few things.


unfortunately I`ve run into another small thing:

I need to know the name of the Variable the orderid is stored.

(within the paypal module, or how i can send it to the paypal module)


I`am sending a form from the paypal module, i changed the module a bit so it sends the input of the fom to another page but the only thing missing is the orderid.


It would be great if some can help me :D

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