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The e-commerce.

Somewhat revised, Please check it out


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I know someone will point out that I should have the catalog in the root. I've tried the 301 redirect with no luck, it put my server down or it just didn't work. I have most host looking into it.


Also, can someone tell me how to make the categories come out into a new box when the mouse is on one of the options. I don't like the default setting, it think it takes too long.


Suggestions for SSL certificates if any.


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It's not the most eloquent site I've seen, but it does well in a key area - product positioning. You have over a dozen product pictures on the home page alone, which is great. Many developers forget this key element. Also, I like your "Add to Cart" button - you should design all of your other buttons to match.


Some other ideas to consider:

  • 1. It appears that you are having the same problems with the Center Shop Contribution that I had (notice all the space at the bottom of each page?). I would try the Dead Easy Center Thing instead.
  • 2. Add more information to your product descriptions. You need to anticipate questions your customers might have like "Will this taillight cover fit my Audi model?" You've done this with some of your products, but not all.
  • 3. Replace your "Need Help With Your Order" graphic with text for faster page loads.
  • 4. Replace your index.php table header color to match your other box headers. See This page to see what I mean.
  • 5. Replace your table icons like this one.

I don't think you need it but if you still want to have "pop-up" menus check out the Drop Down Menus contribution.

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The fix for that is adding a bg image. I just haven't found one yet that I'd like to do. I may just change the whole site. But you did notice what I was trying to do, Keeping the site simple. thanks for the input.

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