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The e-commerce.

Where do I go?


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Where do I go to look for the problem and to fix this?


1146 - Table 'mall_mt_marketing_com.TABLE_STORES' doesn't exist


select count(*) as total from TABLE_STORES





This involves the Virtual Mall Contribution and the Stores part of it. When I try to open the Stores in the Catalog section of the admin area I get this in the address bar of the browser:





If I go ahead and type the URL for http://www.mt-marketing.com/catalog/admin/stores.php in then I get the 1146 message above saying that my Table_Stores does not exist. I have gone in and looked at my SQL file and there is a


drop table if exists stores;

create table stores (

store_id int(11) not null auto_increment,

store_name varchar(40) not null ,

store_image varchar(64) ,

store_owner_fname varchar(25) not null ,

store_owner_lname varchar(30) not null ,

store_email_address varchar(40) not null ,

store_add_one varchar(50) not null ,

store_add_two varchar(50) ,

store_city varchar(30) not null ,

store_state varchar(15) not null ,

store_zipcode varchar(10) not null ,

store_country varchar(30) not null ,

store_telephone varchar(15) not null ,

store_fax varchar(15) ,

date_added datetime ,

last_modified datetime ,

PRIMARY KEY (store_id)



Section in the database.


I'm a PHP dummy so I am totally stumped.


Thanks for any help from anyone!! :-) ;)

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Thank you rseigel.


That got me past that point and on to the next error. Like I said, I am a PHP dummy. Thanks for your help on the fist problem. I have got a copy of PHPEdit and I am trying to learn some PHP language.


The Store section went through with the right URL in the browser address bar and its gave me this error then. The problem is that the lines specified in the directions are from the older version of osCommerce so the line numbers are not lining up and Iam having to try to figure out where the statements are supposed to go in the code. No small feat for a dummy!! :rolleyes: following is the error that I am getting now.


Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_array_merge() in /webapp/vhosts/[email protected]/catalog/admin/stores.php on line 148


Thanks again rseigel

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Looking at the error I probably have this line in the wrong place in the application_top.php file.


define('TABLE_STORES', 'stores');

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