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I am new at configuring in Admin mode. But reading off the index page, telll me if you get errors it will be on top of the page with colors, and so I got errors. I research and can't find any note from other who ran in to this problem. So now i am posting for help =/


This errors is telling me that the tools/bannermanager can't be writen to see picture i posted Error Message at my website. Please see .. sorry if the file is large.


so then i went back to my host and check the folder settings all set at 755 for / catalog / images / banners


last i tryed all possible combonations to change user setting starting from 600, 644, 754, 755, 700, 744, 755 etc. Still i get the message, help I am still stuck.



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Hi Bear,


I followed your steps and errors still reside. I am starting to wonder if my installation have to do with this. Reason i said this is that everyone who install correctly can go directly to there website www.yourdomain.com - as for me i have to go www.yourdomain.com/catalog my home page still has the default index.html poping up. Will this make a differece?

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not as long as you link from the index.html page to your catalog.

It makes no difference to the graphs directory.

you could migrate the catalog to the root by moving evrything down one directory path and changing both the admin and catalog configure.php files paths to reflect the change i.e. removing all instances of catalog from the paths

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Sounds easy but there is a catch. Since i am using ipowerweb as a host. There server has a glitch when moving folders and files. What is does is that it would not allow me to delete the moved folder if i decide not to keep it. To fix that i have to call thier support and have thier admin remove it manuall. I am sure cause it happen to me onec. As for forwarding url to to www.yourdomain.com/catalog take 5 or more sec delay, by that time my viewers would leave the site ... Thanks for the suggestion tho.

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