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Data Ghost


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I thought I got rid of it several times and ways.

But it keeps coming back.

I started making my db and error so I started over.

I have deleted the whole db, then I recreated it, then I added the extra .sql from Master_products-v1.1.5, ssl_provider_1, then I restored my data with the backup

Works fine for a couple of clicks

But then the data I wanted to get rid of is back. I have searched the backup .sql and cannot find the data that?s in error anywhere.

I also look in the whole db in particular the manufacturers and manufacturer?s info

My current list is correct.

However if you click on a few specific categories; the old categories and old manufacturers and manufacturers info returns in there.


So where is it coming from?

Not much hair left <_<

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In admin panel goto configuation/cache and set it to false....


You must be on a shared server right...If so this will fix it...




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Cool B) it is always the simple things that will drive you insane.

Was the cache = true

I might not always want it off in the future.

Where might I find and destroy the cache "DIR" contents. If at least a little more need to Full Fill a vow T :ph34r: destroy that GD Data.!!!

Guess its shared I set it up on apache-linux box with the sub domains.

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