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Hello, I need help


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First of all, congradulations on an excelent peice of Open Source software. Marvelus.


I have some products that are free. The only payment method I accept is paypal. I tried this: I set up two tax zones, paid, and free. I set up paid to use paypal, and free to use cash on delivery. In therory that should work, but actually it messes everything up. The checkout methods do not work. Under "Payment Method" I get

This is currently the only payment method available to use on this order.


For products that cost money, and should use paypal, and products that are free, and shoud use COD. I noticed in the bug reports that there are some problems with Cash on Delivery showing up in payment methods.


What solutions could I use if I wanted to give away some free software from this store?

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You don't normally use Tax Zones to define which payment method you are using. Tax Zones are geographical, that is - they apply to a part of a country. If all that you want to do is to give away some free software from your site then set the price to zero, and allow people to download the software.


The error that you have quoted also shows up if your config files are not working correctly.


Hope this helps - Vger

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Well, I want to give away some software, and sell some. I would rather use the store to display it all. The free tax zone things, ok, I will fix that and change it back. My config files appear to be working corectly though, everything else works, and if I take out COD, then paypal works fine as well. For some reason I just can't get them both to work. I can only accept paypal, but if it is free, then it goes to paypal anyways. I know php.... if I wanted to hack it a little so that if the price was free, it would skip paypal, how would I do this?

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Ok, I added the paypal ipn module, boy that thing is big. Well basically, does anyone know how to bypass a payment if the item is free?


I am hard headed like this, because I want to include free software packages from the store as well, not some other part of the site. Can somebody please help me?

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