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Speeding up a website


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Hello all


Beofre i used OS in add all my products. Umm, it can takea damm long time. So i installed EP (Easy populate). Afterworking all the bg outi got it working thanks to you people who helped me. But now i see speed decreas. I had my friend load the website. It took him 29secwith broad band to load. Hmm not good. Then itwent to 6.2 sec, THEN 13.4.


I loaded a old database i have with 70products. It is superfast.


Now i have 376 and its super slow.


Can any one help.


A preloader prehaps. anything



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a preloader wont speed anything up, infact, it will probably slow things down.


how big are your images that you are uploading? have you got a link to the site so we can see itand maybe its something obvious.


maybe its just the server!


show us a link and im sure we will see if its just as slow for us..

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too many variables - you need to do some actual benchmarking (google PHP benchmarking to get some ideas).


long story short - you CAN get software (zend and others) that will cache the dynamic PHP code as static HTML code - this will reduce the number of database calls as well as the amount of per-page processing that needs to be done, speeding up your entire site dramatically.


like i said, do a search for PHP benchmarking or optimizing and you'll find literally thousands of pages covering this topic.


also, check out sitepoint.com. it's an absolute GOLDMINE for php developers. any time i have a problem, i head over that way...


good luck.

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