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The e-commerce.

Mayor pain in the ass


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Fisrt sory but my english is bad, but i try it to tell them whats going wrong


In Chile my country we using pesos this peso don't use decimal

Explain: everething cost an exact value 200, 205, 200 without decimal


Thas is why i seting the oscommerce for not using decimal with my currency


The problem is i enter the value of all my products in dollar the chanche of that is 618 and the tax for my country is 19%


The oscommerce give me this




50x1,19=60x618=$37.080 But this is wrong


the real value is:



in less words the problem is in the formula, the formula round the values until i need to do


the correct formula is




where i can chanche this i look for everithing and everithing dosent work.




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The tax calculation is done in the tax class.


There is also a tep_round function which you will find in general.php

Mark Evans

osCommerce Monkey & Lead Guitarist for "Sparky + the Monkeys" (Album on sale in all good record shops)



Software is like sex: It's better when it's free. (Linus Torvalds)

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I try to explain in better way


Friends I have a problem that already clears the dream to me and is the following one.


I have a computer article store www.sym.cl

To fix my sale prices I use of base the dollar for my catalogue, I explain the entrance of products I do them in dollar since this facilitates at the time of changing the values to me of products according to the type of change, thus obvious I do not have to change 1 by one the products.


In summary the entrance I do it in dollars and the predetermined currency Pesos I fit the type of change where 618 Pesos = reason why 1 dollar is = to 618 this since the entrance is in dollars but the unfolding of the value in the site must be in Pesos, now I detail to the problem the problem to them is that the calculations me do oscommerce of incorrect form if I request to him that it does not use decimal in the change currency:


Example: I articulate x 50USD$ x 19% IVA = 59,5 xs 618(type of change) = $36,771 this would be the correct value.


But oscommerce makes following when eliminating of the unfolding of the prices the 2 decimal:


I articulate x 50USD$ x 19% IVA = 60 xs 618(tipo of change) = $37,080 Which is absolutely incorrect


Dice to that the site clears in a previous step to the suitable one. oscommerce single shows the correct value to me if fixed two decimal for the unfolding of prices but this are not a solution since in my country this does not, produce confusion so that all the values are exact, I can either pass the whole catalogue to Pesos since if the dollar changes in 1 unit I must change all values 1 by 1 and the idea is single to change the type of change.


Then my question is: some exists form of which it can publish formulates it of I calculate so that I calculate deploys with decimal but final of the value without and that of of correct form the value. Sincerely its aid would be very valuable and would serve as a contribution for all the stores that use the dollar as currency bases to fix prices but that they sell mainly in national currency if the currency does not have decimal. I am really sure that here it will find aid and thanks


Really to explain this in english is dificult to me beacause i undertunding if i readit but in 50% if i typed for me lol


Salu2 From Chile Marcelo

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I found this something to do with that?


// Calculates Tax rounding the result 
 function tep_calculate_tax($price, $tax) { 
   global $currencies; 

   return tep_round($price * $tax / 100, $currencies->currencies[DEFAULT_CURRENCY]['decimal_places']); 


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As Mark stated, there is a function called 'tep-round()', and you have found where it is called.


/catalog/includes/functions/general.php - lines 284 to 303


// Wrapper function for round()
 function tep_round($number, $precision) {
   if (strpos($number, '.') && (strlen(substr($number, strpos($number, '.')+1)) > $precision)) {
     $number = substr($number, 0, strpos($number, '.') + 1 + $precision + 1);

     if (substr($number, -1) >= 5) {
       if ($precision > 1) {
         $number = substr($number, 0, -1) + ('0.' . str_repeat(0, $precision-1) . '1');
       } elseif ($precision == 1) {
         $number = substr($number, 0, -1) + 0.1;
       } else {
         $number = substr($number, 0, -1) + 1;
     } else {
       $number = substr($number, 0, -1);

   return $number;



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I'm no PHP guru, but following the code in tep_round() function, it appears to me that if there is no decimal point, then the number simply gets returned, no rounding ??


What do others say ??



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