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infobox heading background color


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I am trying to change the infobox heading background color to a background image (same background image for all infoboxes), I changed it in CSS and it looks fine there, when I went to update to the site it made the background blank.


Maybe Im doing this incorrect, it said something about the text being on top of the image itself, Im guessing in order to do that it would have to be a background image for the infobox.


Checked in the wiki files for this but it didnt say anything about making it a background image, just an image in general.


I was figuring it would be easier to make a single image to go on all infoboxes and have the heading text whatever it is supposed to be on top of it.


Thanks in advance

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Well, yes that's whatever program you are using to edit your stylesheet. I meant what is the actual CSS syntax that it is in the stylesheet?


Normally it is: "background-image: url('images/your_image.gif');" and then you upload your image to the images folder.


Check to see what your CSS editor wrote into the stylesheet. It probably wrote something like "url('file://my documents/my photos/your_image.gif');" which will not work once it is uploaded to the server.

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I've been playing with this too, and have a (possibly) dumb question! Heh!

I followed the "short" method described in the wiki and, sure enough, it put my image in the box header. But the right/left corner gifs and spacers still remain... And the "more" arrow. Am I right in thinking, then, that the "short" method in itself is not enough to completely replace the header content (as the wiki seems to imply)? I'm working my way through the necessary php edits now to remove corner and spacer gifs, but am I doing this "the long way"???

John Mc

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