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is os compatable with apache2?


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ok had some major problems setting up os with ssl and my site could only be seen in https mode. all http pages were not working except those in the admin panel so I decided to set up os without ssl and sure enough it does not work at all now http pages cannot be viewed(page cannot be found). Now I know for sure that http requests can be heard on port 80 and https on port 443 and I had set up something else making sure that http and https was working and it is like a charm but the minute i use os it does not work. I am on a windows platform but that should not make a difference. Any guesses since iI cannot get ssl working properly and cannot get regular http request working I cannot get to using os. I have a spare computer that I'm thinking of using instead with linux but I am not familiar with linux. Someone must know what the issue could be it must be the way os is detecting ssl and nonssl requests from the server.

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I dont know of any issue with apache2 and I am about to upgrade to apache2 so would be interested to see what replies there are.


At present I am running mysql 5.0 phpMyAdmin 2.6 and php 5 with apache 1.3.3


I have been having some issues with php5 so for the moment have reverted back to php4.3.3 I think it is advised to have apache2 for php5 but need to RTFM again to be sure.

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