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I am using the worldpay module (version 1.5). I was testing it and found that if I clicked confirm order and got to the world pay page and then entered the catalog/checkout_process.php address then the order was submittted without having to go through the payment process. Is there any way of preventing this?

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Good point - this probebly would happen if you have cookies enabled - ummm :huh:


The chances are that if don't use os you prob wouldn't know what the next page is - but still is a point that should possibly be looked into?


Also, I get sent an email from worldpay at the same time I get sent an email from checkout_process.php (with send additional emails to *me* set up) - If I didn't get a worldpay email i would probebly think it was a bit suss and check it out.


If you feel that you would like to do something about it there are a couple of ways you could possibly check it. Since you have left the site, im not sure if the $navigation->path variable would work (may do?). but you should be able to use something along the lines of

if(getenv('HTTP_REFERER') == 'wpcallback.php'){
#--> process
} else{
#--> dont process


Hope this helps a bit :D



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it should be the same refferer every time ? it has probebly got variables on the end though this should work

if(eregi('^wpcallback.php', getenv('HTTP_REFERER'))
The variable thing should work anyway.


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