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Individual Shipping Per Products and Regions


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Hi all,

I need a shipping module that combines Individual shipping and Regions or zones. Example to clear up the thought for you:

Product 1:

US: $5

Rest of the world:$9


product 2:


Rest of the world:$15



and so on.

Any Ideas.




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I found a solution. I combined the zoneworld contribution with per product contribution that uses the weight field for shipping price. if anybody is interested I can package it as a contribution.




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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi all,

Sorry I have been away for a while. I will clean up my code and add an installation instruction file and added it to the contributions page. It should be done by Friday, may the 7th.




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Let me see if what you've done matches what I need - our applications are slightly off so I'm not sure.


I need to satisfy the following:


Product 1: Non-Perishable

- allow all methods of shipment to all zones


Product 2: Perishable

- allow all methods of shipment to two zones

- allow only expedited methods of shipment to all other zones


Is this similar to what you've done? Is what you have created a good place for me to start working on the complete solution for my needs?





Good is the enemy to great.

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I would love to see this code. Will take me a long way to getting my installation whaere it needs to be.


Thanks in advance!

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Ok guys, it is up now. You can download it here.



Support thread is here




montare, I don't think my contribution will fit your needs, or at least it needs a quite bit of modifications.



I hope it works for you.



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