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State pulldown box


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Hi, I was wondering how to make a box to pull down the states options like the country box when you create an account. Just thinking it would look better without having to type in the state. That is just one more chance for the user to have another typo.



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just create a state list and in the payment (or whatever page u want it to be seen) remove the text box and add the state code, which is:


         <option value="AL"SELECTED>AL</OPTION>
        <option value="AK">AK</OPTION>
        <option value="AR">AR</OPTION>
        <option value="AZ">AZ</OPTION>
         <option value="CA">CA</OPTION>
         <option value="CO">CO</OPTION>
       <option value="CT">CT</OPTION>
       <option value="DC">DC</OPTION>
       <option value="DE">DE</OPTION>
       <option value="FL">FL</OPTION>
       <option value="GA">GA</OPTION>
       <option value="HI">HI</OPTION>
       <option value="IA">IA</OPTION>
       <option value="ID">ID</OPTION>
       <option value="IL">IL</OPTION>
       <option value="IN">IN</OPTION>
       <option value="KS">KS</OPTION>
       <option value="KY">KY</OPTION>
       <option value="LA">LA</OPTION>
       <option value="MA">MA</OPTION>
       <option value="MD">MD</OPTION>
       <option value="ME">ME</OPTION>
       <option value="MI">MI</OPTION>
       <option value="MN">MN</OPTION>
       <option value="MO">MO</OPTION>
       <option value="MS">MS</OPTION>
       <option value="MT">MT</OPTION>
       <option value="NC">NC</OPTION>
       <option value="ND">ND</OPTION>
       <option value="NE">NE</OPTION>
       <option value="NH">NH</OPTION>
       <option value="NJ">NJ</OPTION>
       <option value="NM">NM</OPTION>
       <option value="NV">NV</OPTION>
       <option value="NY">NY</OPTION>
       <option value="OH">OH</OPTION>
       <option value="OK">OK</OPTION>
       <option value="OR">OR</OPTION>
       <option value="PA">PA</OPTION>
       <option value="RI">RI</OPTION>
       <option value="SC">SC</OPTION>
       <option value="SD">SD</OPTION>
       <option value="TN">TN</OPTION>
       <option value="TX">TX</OPTION>
       <option value="UT">UT</OPTION>
       <option value="VA">VA</OPTION>
       <option value="VT">VT</OPTION>
       <option value="WA">WA</OPTION>
       <option value="WI">WI</OPTION>
       <option value="WV">WV</OPTION>
       <option value="WY">WY</OPTION>





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