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Hi all,

I'm in need of help again! The problem is that although I have switched my default Currency to pounds Sterling when I access the Shopping Cart it still displays the prices in U.S Dollars and when I choose Pounds Sterling from the drop down box ( On the right-hand side of the Index page ) it changes but doesn't show the Pound sign.

Also when I did a mock order the Shipping cost was applied in Dollars and the Total cost was converted to Dollars.

Pounds Sterling was not an option in the Admin Menus Currencies section. Could it be that I haven't entered the details properly I mean, I left the decimals boxes empty as I didn't know exactly what it wanted from me and the left and right Symbols boxes I left blank as well. What are left and right symbols anyway?

Well what I do know is that I'm stuck and I need help so if anyone Knows the answer to this I'd certainly appreciate it!




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I 've been in the catalog/admin section and there was no Pounds Sterling to select so I typed it in myself not seeing a link for a download section or anything and clicked on Update afyter setting the currency as my Default Currency.

Oscommerce appeared to put the Curerency as default and updated the conversion data but when I went back into the Customer side of the Shop the Price was displayed without the Pound sign and when I did a mock purchase the Cart added the Shipping cost as Dollars.

To add to the probem I deleted the Dollars and Spanish Currencies from the Admin Section and now nothings coming up. I've tried to put the file "currencies.php" back in the folder but I can't find where it goes. I think i've replaced every folder called Currencies.php but nothing changes.



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you created a new default currency?

In the edit did you put 1.0000000 as the value and then click on update currencies button ?

and in the catalog/includes/languages/english.php around line 36


// if USE_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE_CURRENCY is true, use the following currency, instead of the applications default currency (used w$



Change it to whatever you need




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How very stange I went and updated the Item in the shopping cart and when I previewed it it showed ?5 as the price however, I closed everything down so that the Cart was completely refreshed when I opened it back up, and when I did there was no price.

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try clearing your temp internet files and cache then look at the site again and see if you are getting 0 price

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Is your Osc dated try Phoenix  raising oscommerce from the ashes.

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Hi, I'm somewhat of a newbie at this, but had no problem insterting a new GB Pounds Sterling currency (GBP). I set it to 1.0000, then adjusted the other currencies by checking exchange rates at




Can't see why it's not happening for you, I'm not yet familiar enough with the admin section to explain exactly what I did, but it seemed obvious enough at the time!


Hope you get it sorted soon.



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I did the same and the currency conversion basically works but the currency I set on the drop-down box doesn't stick with browsing, it keeps going resetting back to US dollars....? Is there no way for a user to set their own default currency?


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