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1062 - Duplicate entry When adding Product


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This is really weird and I was hoping if anyone knows a solution I keep getting this error 1062 - Duplicate entry '190-2' for key 1


insert into products_description (products_name, products_description, products_url, products_id, language_id) values ('', '', '', '190', '2')


When i go to add a new product, now the products I am adding are not duplicates they do not even have any of the same information It does not matter what category I am in also the funny thing is though it adds the product even though it gives me this error it's just a pain in the but and I don't know why

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ALso I am getting this through phpmyadmin it seems like it skipped adding information for the third language id for line 190


Edit Delete 190 1 3rd Place 0

Edit Delete 190 2 0

Edit Delete 191 1 123123123 123123123 0

Edit Delete 191 2 0

Edit Delete 191 3 0

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