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Test php error 404


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Ok I have tried this several times. Even unloading and re-downloading the software to make sure there was no fowl ups with the download.


I can get to the point of "test_php.htm" page in the instructions and after that point I just seem to hit a brick wall.


I have changed the php.ini-dist to php.ini

I have modified the doc_root and the extension_dir to read "c:\web" and "c:\php" correctly. Moved the file to the c:\windows folder since I'm running XP


I have configured Apache as well for DocumentRoot "c:/web" and <directory "c:/web">


I added in the info right below the Addtypp application/x-tar.tgz line by copy and paste


turned off the apache and then started it back up.


saved the example script via notepad to c:\web\test.php as directed and now when I do the test of http://localhost/test.php I get the 404 error of page not found. I check the http://localhost and it still shows correctly.


I have even made sure that the page is just not hung in the cache as showing the 404 error.


I have checked the spelling and slash marks on everything three times over.


I'm running XP with all up to date patches, though that should not be a factor at this point. I have turned off Norton virus protection just in case and no firewall is running either.


if anyone can do exact screen shots of what suppose to be where in the setup that may help me pin point the flaw. I know the tutorial shows them to a point, but a couple of locations like the section "addtype application/x-tar.tgz" says directly below it for the other information, but there is also another line of text right below that..so I have tried both between the two lines and below both of them with no change of results.


look forward to someone helping me out in this jam that I seem to be in.


Sending me the link for the tutorial isn't going to help since I just ran through it above basically.




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the link you just provided above


created folder c:\php

unzipped into this folder


changed the php.ini-dist file to read php.ini and used notepad to open it up and change the "doc_root" and the "extension_dir"


added in the c:\web and c:\php with the " marks


saved and closed.


moved to c:\windows since I'm running XP


configured the httpd.conf to redirect to the "c:/web" in the DcumentRoot and Directory lines as specified.


the Addtype application/x-tar.tgz I added in the cut and paste section. Though I do note that there is another line of text directly below this line so the instructions here can be a bit confusing as to if the cut & paste info goes between the two lines or directly below the second line...but I tried it with both and proved the same results.


created the test.php using notebook and the script provided to show the date and time. and saved under c:\web\test.php


typed in the url of 'http://localhost/test.php' without the ' marks and reported back 404 error. tested just http://localhost and it pulled up the Apache page from that test first done.


So as I said I am bit stumped at this point as everything I have done everything that I see step by step and still get the 404 error which means there is a path somewhere broken...the question is where.




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ok found one problem in the php file I was missing some files. This was resolved by re-downloading the php info. One of the other members here said there should be 11 files in the "sapi" folder. well I only had 8, now I have 10 after the re-download...


so just to make sure of this is there suppose to be 10 or 11 files in the "sapi" folder? below is what I have in it at this time.













I truly am stuck though on this. I have wiped out everything once already.. re-loaded, and still get to the same point as before and that is as far as I seem to be able to get.


Anyone with any help on this would be greatly appreciated.




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problem resolved. the file was being saved as test.php.txt as I did not make the change within the "save file as" section... it's always the simple mistakes that can drive you crazy.


I found this by looking at the error log and it telling me the file was not there when I was looking at it. It only hot me then that it needed to be in a .php format and that is when I looked at the properties of such and recognized it.


So I hope this will help others if they follow my same path and hit the wall




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