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Catagory Link Error


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Hi all,


I have an interesting problem. I haven't seen anyone else talking about it, and thought I would give the forums a try. (By the way, this is a new install with no contributions or any other mods/hacks installed.)


One of the items in my categories is linking to someone else's installation of 2.2ms2 on a different root web address but from same web space provider. The really interesting thing is that the only information from that other installation that it is displaying, is the tree in the categories box. The subcategories of the category I was originally selecting are displayed properly in the center main window and if I select one of the subcategories, my tree re appears with branching properly displayed. If I select one of the tree items in the categories box from the other installation, I am taken completely to there site. On occasion my categories box will have nothing in it at all, but I haven't seen that today yet.


This sounds like a config problem, but it also sounds kind of like a categories problem. It is acting like it doesn't know where my site is, so it does a quick search of similar sight until it finds one that has what I am requesting. The only other thing I can add is that the cPath I am linking to is what is in common with the other site.


Example: The URL link in the catagories box I am calling ends like this ".../index.php?cPath=21".


cPath=21 is valid path for my link, and the other site also uses cPath=21, but with a different directory structure. There tree also shows the link with cPath=21 in bold as if selected.


I hope this is clear, I don't know how else to put it into word.


Thanks for any help.

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Thank you for you quick response. I have just a couple of questions.


1. What root does the "/tmp" go in, the "catalog" root, the site root, or the server root?


2. In the includes/configure.php file, do you add a line or change an existing line? If so, what do you add or change. I don't see a temp or tmp designation in the file.


Also, I have searched these forums, and haven't found anything like this.


Sorry for any inconvenience.


Thanks again.

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Finally, this problem is fixed! :D


Thanks again for your direction and help, Ron.


The /tmp goes before the root web site and includes the full local/physical address.


Example: If your web site is physically located at:



then your /tmp directory should be setup as follows:





(both worked fine)


Not only does this /tmp directory need to be created as above, but you need to go to the admin screen and find the Cache settings under Configuration and set the Cache Directory to:





Which ever one you used.


I explained all this in hopes that the next newbie coming along won't have to piece meal a bunch of snippits together to get the same results. I found little pieces here and there like breadcrumbs to finally start to see the big picture.


I hope this is helpful. :rolleyes:

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