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i have installed oscommerce and started playing around a bit.

and....well...i have one question concerning the tax. is there a way to have it displayed somewhere? i found an option to show the price with or without tax, but there is no such option which does it like this





total: 110


+tax 25




any ideas?

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In your admin panel, go to Modules ->Order Total. Order of priority is from 0 upwards. So if sub total is 0, this is listed first, then if you list Tax as 1, this is listed next, and if you list Total as 2 then this appears last in the list. This is for purchases without shipping charge. Rearrange the order above to include shipping charge. Hope this helps - Vger

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i am sorry, but i still dont get it

i did the following:

1 for sub total

2 for tax

3 for shipping charge

4 for Total


but the tax still doesnt appear anywhere in the order confermation

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you need to make sure that you have sales tax enabled in the admin section of the store. there are a few spots where this needs to be set, and also the product must have the proper definition for tax (all dependent upon what you use for a name) most use Taxable Goods on any and all products, the way the program is designed, if you are in the area which is setup in the admin area for charging tax AND you have the product enabled to tax, it will then tax the item(s)

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These forums will provide a great deal of help to people when they have tried to resolve a problem and can't work it out for themselves. What the forums won't do is to do all the work for you.


For VAT at 20% to show up.


1. Is VAT a tax class in your admin?

2. If it is, is the rate set to 20%?

3. Are your Tax Zones set correctly?





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This may be different for your area, but...


You also have to make sure you are logged in as a user who has to pay the tax, make sure your tax zones reflect this....


EX. Won't work if you charge tax in Colorado and you make a user with Alabama as their state....


Plus everything Mibble said....

9 times out of 10 its a PEBCAK Error (Problem exists between chair and keyboard)


Replace that and you're fine...

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