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The e-commerce.

Maybe it's late, maybe I'm stupid


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Hey everyone... My hosting company just set up osCommerce for the website I'm doing for a company my father just bought. And though I can design a decent website, I know zilch about this commerce stuff.. but, it's the wave of the future and his cheapself wants to make money.


I figured out how to add items, and the cart stuff I know how to work (since I've spent my share of money on line). What I don't get is how to change the look of it. There's so many pages that are already installed (index.php, checkout.php, etc.) is there a template I can edit? To change colors on the background of the tables/pages, and take out features I don't want? (ie. specials, languages, etc.)


Any help would be appreciated. It might be just because it's late that I don't want to figure this all out. Or maybe I just don't care enough, since he's not paying me. Either way, help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance from this overtired-underpaid-moron of a guy.

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You can edit fonts and colors by changing the CSS file, of course. Hopefully, you know how to do that.


The text is easy to modify. If you are using English as a language, most of the files that you need to edit are within the language/English folders. If you are using multiple languages, you will have to modify each one.


You'll need to play around with it a little. And definitely read http://wiki.oscommerce.com. You will find answers to many questions. It's very well documented.


Look in the Catalog section. That is where you will find a lot of the stuff you're asking about. But you should read all the sections of the documentation. You can skim the Table of Contents and zoom in on the things you need to know right away.


I was up until 4 am last night playing around with this because I think it's fun. So, I'm tired too but I love it. (It's 2:30 am now and I should get to bed.) LOL

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