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Jewelry Retailer - Criticism wanted


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Hi all,


If anyone has the time, please let me know of any suggestions, criticisms, or improvements that would make our site better. We are a jewelry manufacturer and retailer and have been live for 6 months or so, but have recently started making major mods to try to improve conversion rates and overall sales. Recent changes include: going to a grayscale color scheme to highlight the products, adding the slogan to the upper right corner, adding tabs, upgrading the search box, improving the pictures, adding the large picture mod, and adding lots of new products.




Thanks in advance, and feel free to be harsh with criticism if necessary.




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Greyscale is good - personally I would cut down on the use of black, particularly in the header, but that is personal taste - the black text I would make a dark grey. The languages box can go since you only have one language - comment it like this in catalog/includes/column_right.php:


 // ? ?include(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'languages.php');


A little more info on the glass and the process used in its creation would be a good idea (if its there it is too difficult to find) - many people would be interested.



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decent looking . .just one thing tho . .


did you know you are using an older version of the software? if you look at the file catalog/includes/application_top.php and search for project, you will probably find project 2.2 ms1 (milestone 1). milestone 3 should (dont hold me to it as i dont know for sute) released sometime this year.

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You should add some large images. When I click on an image to enlarge, the larger image is the same size as the one in the product description. Having a large image is important to selling jewelry.

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