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The e-commerce.

What is the BTS?


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Hi Dawn,


I probably forgot to mention in the uploads it is the Basic Template Structure. I am so used to calling it BTS, it never crossed my mind it could be confusing <_<


So you could try a forum search for example like:

+Basic +Template +Structure


also works.


In short the BTS allows you to modify your shops layout through templates i.s.o. editting about 44 files + all the boxes (or more if you add new pages).

With the BTS almost anything can be done editting the main template, the stylesheet and one (or more if you like) box file template. It also has an easy templates switch, I am using that myself to experiment with the templates and to easyly and safely upgrade to a new template when it's ready.


It allows you to use php etc in the templates so it's very flexible. But it also requires (very basic) php knowledge, if you don't know any php at all it probably isn't the right system for you (yet). The downside is that it is somewhat difficult to install some of the contributions ic.w. the BTS.

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Thanks for the reply. I'd be interested in downloading this if I can find it.


Difficult to install, eh? Will I risk ruining my current setup?


I wish the template worked with HTML pages but I could probably figure out the PHP. I know enough PHP to be dangerous. In other words, not really enough.


If you have a link to the BTS handy, that would be great. Meanwhile, I'll try to search for it.


~ Dawn

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