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The e-commerce.

Im a bit of a newb..


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Ok Ive been brwosing and reading the forums and i cant seem to find my answer. Perhaps cause its just too easy and Im a retard.... the instructions for my payment module (paymentech) tells me to copy the files to /catalog/includes but i really dont know where to find this /catalog/includes! I saw someone elses post saying it was in /usr/local/httpd... but it wasnt there. Is it outside of my site's folder ? I installed Oscommerce via Plesk 7 if that helps....


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well i couldnt find the "catalog" folder, but my osCommerce folder has the same directories so I'll try that.

the odd thing is, instructions tell me to copy to /catalog/include/language/english/module ... and all the dirs i find are plural... oscommerce/includes/languages/english/modules...

weird huh

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Hi Prof,


I also am a newbie & am in the process of attempting to install the WorldPay module. WorldPay sent me a zipped file which after I'd unzipped it contained the necessary WorldPay modules to upload. They were contained in directories like the ocs directories, so worldpay.php was found on my pc at /catalog/includes/modules/payment/worldpay.php.


There are also small language modules in the appropriate directories for you to upload to the correct locations as well. E.g. /catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/payment/worldpay.php

There are also modules for espanol & german, so replace the above "english" with those.


Obviously your payment modules will have their own php filename.


Good luck,



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