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https\\ Braindead!


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Ok - having completely customised the cart and having it all running smoothly - i have become braindead on this one!


My cart runs on http://www.abc.com


SSL is on separate shared server https://www.secure.com


Should i be uploading files from the shopping cart to the secure server?


I'm sure this has been answered before but I have scouted for hours and not found a definitive answer.

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i also required help with this and posted many days ago, but never got a response.


i have subsequently learned that fasthosts (our host) does not allow PHP scripts to run on it's secure area. great.


i was thinking of making a quick payment page in ASP that just inserted cc details from a form into a database on the secure site. how hard would this be to do?


anyway, now it looks like we're abandoning it all in favour of a payment provider like worldpay... does worldpay work with oscommerce!?

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I also have access to "shared" ssl through my hosts (unitedhosting.co.uk). I don't upload anything to any special directories... simply straight to my own webspace. The trick with the ssl is to set the path info correctly in the 2 configure.php files (i.e. catalog/includes/configure.php and admin/configure.php). Your host should be able to tell you this info.

John Mc

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It is unfortunate that i have to agree, having posted three different questions and never received a reply to any - maybe my questions are too trivial to bother with - who knows!





Sorry JohnMc youposted just as i was on my hobby horse

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To answer deepfreezes first question--yes you should upload the files to the secure server also. And you have to set the paths in the config files.

(You probably only need to upload the admin folder to the secure server, and not the regular one, since you won't have any pages on that that'll be insecure.)


Some hosts require special directories, and some don't, you'd have to check with your host on that.

As far as not being able to get it to work, make sure your paths are correct.


I believe there's an add on module for worldpay--you'd have to look in the contributions, under payment modules. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions

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Sorry for delay, big thankyou to you. My path settings where correct however no files had been uploaded to the SSL address. Seems to be starting to work in the right direction although I have not uploaded images yet and realise that i must do so. :)


Regards to you all



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