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Success with built-in authorize.net module !


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After struggling for several days with the 2.2M2 built-in authorize.net module, I finally made it work. I did a lot of research on the forum and I found out many questions about authorize.net but only a few got answered. So I decided to share my experinces with you to see if my wasted time can save yours.


My experiences may not apply to you, however.


Here are my tips:


1. There are many (3?) way to integrate/use authorize.net : SIM, AIM and Weblinked(soon-to-be-dead). Different protocols have different requirements. 2.2M2 built-in authorize.net module is SIM. And there are many user-contributed authorize.net modules for AIM and SIM. The built-in (SIM) module could be the argubaly easiest way to use. I didn't want to install cURL extention for PHP, so I sticked to it.


2. You don't really need to fool around with the settings on your authorzie.net admin page, like test mode turn-on/off , response/receipt pages, etc.. They are all taken care in the module with SIM API.


3. You DO need to create a transaction key. It's a MUST. Login Password is not the transaction key. Login password can be used with other methods like AIM(?), but not with SIM.


4. Look at your authorizenet.php. Search for


tep_draw_hidden_field('x_Version', '3.0')


and change it to 3.1. The protocol now is 3.1. Different versions cannot work. It is a required value as documented in the authorize.net SIM integration manual.


5. Install/enable your authorize.net module in the admin control panel.


Now turn on the test mode, use the test credit card numbers as documented in the authorize.net manual, and you should be OK.


If you have any problems, you can try a debug version in the contribution section at oscommerce. It is almost identical to the built-in one, but with useful error code and reason code displayed. You can look them up in the SIM integration manual.


That's all my experiences. And hope it can save you time




Before I realized I need a valid transaction key I stumbled onto this thread and it helped me greatly . Thanks to the author!!



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Hey, thanks for this info! This is what got me going with our Authorize.net module, and now it is working :).


All I need to do now is figure out how to patch it so that we can support CCV codes.

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