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The e-commerce.

Would like help setting up storefront


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Hi all,


I've been running an online storefront since 2002 using a bunch of differerent solutions.


I need to move away from the third party vendor who's charging me monthly to my own database driven storefront. OSCommerce looks like it could fit the bill.


I'm willing to PAY someone to get my storefront setup. I'm not talking like tons of bucks. I imagine that somebody that's done this a few times will have the knowledge needed to get me up and running in a day or two max.


What I need help with is payment processing and shipping processing mostly. My current solution supports the following payment methods:


Paypal, CC's (Visa/MC, Discover, AMEX) all through Versign Payflow Pro. Also accepted are checks, money orders, cash sent in.


My current shipping methods include USPS Media Mail (Book Rate) and Global Priority. I wouldn't mind adding others but this is what I need to start.


Here's my current site: http://www.retroprint.com


And here's my stock install (mostly) of OSC2: http://www.3dspot.com/store


I'm not looking for design help. I'm simply looking for OSCommerce to get setup to where it can display my inventory, take orders and automatically process payments using the methods listed above.


I'm not some big company with loads of bucks to drop. I'm one guy who has a hobby business and I want to migrate my stock to my own storefront and not be tied to what I'm using now (www.andale.com).


If you know this stuff and think you can help me out, like I said, I'll pay you to get me setup. I expect a few days work.. tell me if I'm wrong. Some extra bucks in your pocket would be nice wouldn't it?


Thanks. Let me know if I'm crazy but I figure this shouldn't be that difficult to do for someone who's been there and done that. :D


email [email protected]



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