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Password Admin Area


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I have just set up OSCommerce on my site, installation no probs, but I want to password protect my admin area. I have tried a couple of the password related Contributions but I am obviously doing something wrong.


I am not a techie. The contributions I have tried need me to edit an .htaccess file as below:


Deny from all

Options All

AuthType Basic

AuthUserFile /www/simplykoimain/shop/catalog/admin/passwd

Require valid-user

AuthName "Internet Shop - auth"

Satisfy any


When I install as above, and try and load the page I get a redirect to MSN search. Anyone have any ideas what I am doing wrong? or how I can simply protect the admin area.





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Is 'passwd' the name of your password file? Otherwise you need to include the filename. Normally it is .htpasswd:


AuthUserFile /www/simplykoimain/shop/catalog/admin/passwd

I personally would not store the password file in my Admin folder. Instead I would put it in the root web folder were no one has access to it.

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