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The e-commerce.

Strange characters after Swedish language install

Paulo Kiefe

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New here :)


I just installed osCommerce and also isntalled a swedish language pack.




After adding setting up Swedish as default language the site looks a bit strange everywhere where there is a swedish character, ???.



Vad finns h䲿  
V䬫ommen G䳴! Vill du logga in? Eller vill du skapa ett nytt konto?


If I ad a product or write anything with swedish characters it looks ok. It is just the default swedish translation that does not work correctly.


I am running linux (Fedora) on the server.


Has anyone an idea on how this could be solved? Can it have anything to do with the settings on the server?


Thanks! :)


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Vger :)


Thanks for the quick reply :)


I live in Sweden and the browser works fine with swedish characters. The strange thing is that I can edit the files with an editor externally. Everything works fine then.


If I choose to edit the file via the oscommerce/admin-tool (tools/file manager) then the text looks fine.


In other words... if I ftp the swedish index.php and edit it locally on my desktop then some text kan look like this:

define('HEADING_TITLE', 'L?t oss se vad vi har h?r.');


If I instead edit the file via the admin/tools-file manager then it looks like this

define('HEADING_TITLE', 'L崠oss se vad vi har h䲮');


This same error in interpreting the swedish character also happens when I surf the web shop site.


Strange :(




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Just for the record :)


A good friend of mine just found out what the problem was....


It was a setting in the Apache-web server.


In the file: /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf


The line: AddDefaultCharset UTF-8


Was changed to: AddDefaultCharset ISO-8859-1


This solved the problem :):):)


Thanks to the good knowlege of Pedro Rodrigues at www.tpf.se


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