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Options prices depending on each other


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I'm running a store where I sell furniture, prices for which depend on selecting two dimensions (width and length). One products comes in ca. 100 varieties because you can select from 10 possible width values and 10 possible length values.

I figured out two ways to set it up:


1) create an attirbute with 100 possible options, e.g. 100 x 100, 100 x 110, 100 x 120,..., 110 x 100, 110 x 110... - results in a very long list - hard to scroll :(


2) make people select width on the category listing (have products names like "Product A - width 100, Product A - width 110...) and length on the products description page (you only have one attribute with 10 options) - a bit complicated, people will get confused :(


Do you have any other ideas? Is it possible to set two attributes (width and length) with 10 options each, so that selecting one attribute has influence on the prices produced when sellecting the other one?


Thanks for help !!!

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I have a similar problem setting up a site to sell replacement kitchen

cabinet doors.


Price is based on size [height and width]. There are 136 standard sizes,

but any size of door can be ordered. The price of a non standard door is

based on the next available size up, plus 20% - there are potentially

over 1.4 million available sizes - far too many for a drop down list!


Any suggestions on how this can be achieved are much appreciated.



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Me too, i've been searching for a way to resolve this dilema, but nobody seems to have the answer. It would be an awesome mod for this cart. If anybody has found out how to do it, i'd be very keen to find out.




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You need to search for dynamic product attributes - this is available now in RC2 version of the software - that might do it for your scenarios. I have the same problem, I have so many mods actually upgrading is not an option for me, but I want this functionality

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