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How do I move my old store to osC?


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I'm looking to migrate all of my data from my old store into my new store. The old store is on a Windows based server and is currently managed by an outside company (who is ripping us off :angry: ). I've done research, found osC, and absolutely love it. I'm now looking to take all of the old products and just import them into osC, but I have no idea how to do this. Can I just setup a spreadsheet with all of the correct table information that I can them import into osC? I'm a bit of a newbie at this so detailed explanations are greatly appreciated.


Just as a side questions, is there any sort of manual/tutorial available or something that's being developed so someone like myself can learn this amazing software a little easier?

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1) if you can export to a spreadsheet, there is a contrib called Easy Populate that will take that spreadsheet and import all the data to osCommerce. Neat, huh?


2) The top right of this page has a link that says "Collaborative Documentation Effort". You'd never know it (most people don't notice it - - really), but that's actually a link to wiki.oscommerce.com, the most comprehensive documentation that we have. LOTS of useful information.


In fact, a significant percentage of the "I've never done this before, how can I get this to do something?" questions are answered quite clearly in wiki.





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