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Centring the heading?


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My site is at https://www.soundssublimeshop.com/catalog (soon to be moved to the public_htm directory...)


You'd be able to see that the header is not centred... and I would like it to be centred...


I have done some really messy things to achieve the effect I want (the menu at the top). Any way of streamlining it? (Mind you, that is really a secondary and minor issue. I don't really care whether what I have done is the most efficient way - just so long as it LOOKS right)...


Any help will be gratefully appreciated.

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I used <center> ... </center> - it's reasonably centred now, so it's not an issue, although I'd be happy to hear any suggestions about cleaning up the menu stuff...


However, that really is not as important. I'm glad I have the image doing its centring now...

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