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The e-commerce.

Chaning stuff in boxes


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I'm using osCommerce for an online record store...

I want to change the word "Manufacturers" to "Bands"...

Can I do this?


Also - how hard is it to add in STATIC html boxes as includes?


i.e. you just duplicate one of the boxes like categories.php or search.php, mess with the contents, rename it say "biggles.php", and put the following in either the left or right columns.. right?


require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'biggles.php');


I had a play with putting in static html in a copy of one of the boxes and it simply didn't seem to work.. :/


Any help greatly apprecaited, thanks kindly...

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Okay, I'm starting to have a play, check out the shop here:




I would also like to know how I can stop the images from being so crap and squishing up..

Can you organize it so it doesn't resize the images and squoosh them up to make them all ugly?

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