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I downloaded the modual for paysystems and let me also tell you that this is my second day in php, and when i unzip the thing and read all the instruction I get lost on this step 4, I can find the green thing and also I dont know what to edit to enter my paysystems ID. ONe more thing I was trying to install oscommerce on my server on www directory but it tells me that I can do it?


2. Unzip the downloaded Paysystems.zip file.

3. Copy the files into your shop following the structure in the

unzipped directory.

4. In your shop admin, enable the Paysystems module by clicking on

"Paysystems" from red to green.

5. Click on Edit and enter you Paysystems Login ID

6. You should now be able to do a test purchase and proceed all the

way to finally check the Paysystems radio button in the Payment

Methods. You can enter 4111111111111111 as a test credit card

number (any expiry) and press Continue and then go to Confirm

Order. You should now have arrived at the Paysystems page with your

billing information and product Description forwarded into the

page. From here on you need a real credit card number to proceed

as the Paysystems TTP-PRO does not have any test mode. If you still

want to test the rest of the procedure without a real credit card

you can write the following in the browser address line:




thus simulating a successful credit card validation by Paysystems.

The next step would be to do a real payment with a valid credit

card and thereafter you can check in your Paysystems administration

page (TotalCart Merchant Control Center) that your transaction

has been successful!

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